February 05, 2010

The Importance of being busy!

How many times have you been told- Sorry, not now.....Sorry, i'm busy....Sorry, I don't have time. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? I for one, was at the receiving end of this rapidly spreading phenomenon too, the most recent being at my meticulously planned wedding. Knowing that people in Mangalore are notoriously late, we had 6:45pm printed as the Reception time on the wedding invite. Guess what...they faithfully turned up at 8pm. aaargh.... For the record, we started at 7pm anyway.
A quick rundown on the scene today: It has now become fashionable to be:-
Late for parties
Put your phone on voicemail always
Reply emails eons after it arrived in your inbox
Never return phone calls
Forget birthdays...123greetings.com even has a section for belated birthday cards
Make an appointment before you visit your school buddy or the cousin you practically grew up with as a child.
      In this era of showmanship and in-your face-publicity,people have time to post the tiniest of details of their lives on Facebook/orkut but cannot spare a moment for some kindness. Strange... I thought technology and progress was meant to bring us closer. Or was it....? I have known parents in the living room who do not know whether their children are at home or not, people who do not know who their next door neighbour is, children who love their nanny more than their Mommy...the list is endless. All this supposedly to look important and busy. Evidently, being busy has been misconstrued as being rich and therefore important. The more busier you are, the more important you are... or so they think it is!!
       Mark  Twain once said - It is nice to be important but it is more important to be nice. Truly, in a life that's so short, there's no time to be petty. We owe it to all those wonderful people who have given us the gift of their love, time and friendship. And even if no one ever did you a favour, why not be nice for a change?
       Take time to make that phone call to a friend
       Be on time for a party and compliment your host
       Write an email to your aging parents, give them a surprise call or a visit
       Reply to that text message. Takes only 5 seconds
       Reply your mails - don't you spend time uploading pics of your latest night-out/ foreign tour on FB? Trust me...replying an email takes even faster!
       All of us like to feel important but we forget that being nice will make you important in a more everlasting way to someone! Isn't it?