January 19, 2010

A New Beginning!

My first post...hopefully an auspicious start of many more to come. Today marks one month since my  engagement to Neville. I am  already getting nostalgic. Given a chance , I'D LOVE TO GET MARRIED ALL OVER AGAIN. You guys would say it's no surpprise...that's the Deborah we know. But wait....I am definitely doing better than what i'd predicted . I used to joke that i was the next potential candidate for post nuptial depression.  23 days later....thank God it hasn't happened yet.
         Marriage was meant to be a sea change and literally, i have flown across seven seas to Antigua, leaving my nest of 24 years. The enormity of all of it sunk in only when we boarded the flight to Mumbai en route to Antigua. As tears streamed down my face throughout the journey, Neville had to plead me to stop lest he be arrested on abduction charges :-). STATUS QUO FOR THE NEXT 7 DAYS...It is in these moments you realize what you have given up and what you've to be grateful for. So here goes:
Thank God for:
  1. Neville - Supportive, gentle and affectionate as always. I'd be lost without him!
  2. VOIP    - I can talk to my folks everyday for as long as i wish.
  3. My Mom and Mom-in law - for being fantastic cooks. They're the reason we're not  starving here.
  4. Digital cameras and Picasa - Thanks to these, I can constantly watch the amateur wedding photos until my endless wait for the official photos and videos ends. ( My obsession with photos is legendary!).
So long guys, that was it for today. Ciao for now.